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Revolutionary Technology

Eyedentify uses Apple’s Vision framework for object recognition. Recognition is incredibly fast and done completely on-device, meaning an internet connection is not required.

Eyedentify screenshot

Cutting Edge Object Recognition

To recognize an object, simply point your phone at whatever object you want to recognize and tap the screen. You can also use voice commands such as “What am I looking at?” and even translate into other languages with “What is this in Italian?”

Designed for Accessibility

From the very beginning, Eyedentify was designed with accessibility in mind. With voice commands or the ability to tap the screen, those that are visually impaired will be able to recognize objects around them. Unlike other object recognition apps, Eyedentify uses the screen as its only button for users to be able to recognize objects.

Project link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eyedentify-see-whats-around-you/id1234098521?mt=8

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